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    PODCAST: Getting in Front of the New Industrial Revolution



    Anyone who knows Fred Rio, knows?he is always positive and forward-looking in both his personal and professional life.?Who knew how important those characteristics would be in an?intensely?challenging?year, and having to adapt to the ever-changing health, political and economic?climate.?Rio is the product manager for Caterpillar’s Construction Digital & Technology (CD&T). His team is responsible for developing, executing and growing the digital and technology business for markets represented by the Construction Industries business segment. Their goal: solve customer problems by leveraging expertise in both the digital and the construction realms.?
    Beyond?The?Iron?host?Rusty Dunn chatted with Rio earlier this summer, who is a 20+ year Caterpillar veteran, is fluent in five?languages?and has lived in Europe, Asia, Latin and North America throughout his career.?

    Enjoy their podcast conversation?here.


    Program Guide (total run-time: 34:14):?
    2:50 –?Operating with a?really big?glass (always half full!).?
    4:00 – Pandemic or not, delivering the goods from home.?
    6:25 – Health is our one true asset.?
    9:20 – Delivering technology beyond the iron.?
    13:11 –?Giving Cat customers the next level of value.?
    18:30?–?Small team. Huge responsibility. Seeing the future included.?
    20:00 – Next stop: the fourth industrial revolution.?
    24:00 – Fred’s career advice, free of charge.?
    27:45 – Finding your path and learning to say “yes.”?
    30:45 – Learning grace under pressure and tapping into positive energy.

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